Rainy_Sx_Rd3 (Toronto 2007 inspired)

GHeTTo_RaceX  (Feb 06, 2007)

Track Name : Rainy_SX_Rd3

Tools : Photoshop CS, Terragen, Unleashed Editor, MultiEx Commander, MXU_Objects.pak, MXUCONV

Average time of work : I stopped counting hours after 3 months of work...

Extras stuffs added : Reskinned objects, Funnel Bloker, Introduction Movie, Fireworks

Description :

I'm proud to present you the first round of the FIM World Supercross Championship here at Toronto. All the conditions are there for a great race.....but......huh......what happened, it seems it rained a lot on the track during the week and now the track is completly washed up.

Haha, yea it has fiction guys. In fact when I started this Rainy Sx, I didn't know the track map I was using was the Toronto 2007 map. So after seeing the race I had to decide if I needed to delete my work or finish it anyways. So here it comes... The track has the same feeling as the others rounds but I tried to do something different and better than the others rounds. I started the track for the stock physics then after riding many laps on it using the Real Physics, I found it rides really great using them, so I tweaked the track so everything can be done in Real Physics. It just mean the track can be ridden in both Stock/Real Physics.

Concerning the visual aspect of the track, I worked hard to recreate something as close as the real track as possible, so I decided to reskin all the objects to suit the real track. The bales in this track are exactly the same brands and placement as the real track. Track textures are a lot darker than the real ones but it's a rainy day so the mud needed to be darkend a lot....

To finish I'd like to say, I spent a lot of times on it, sometimes, I was about to completely erase this project cause I couldn't get it as I wanted. Some things aren't perfect. As far as the AI, they really suck on this track, maybe some of you won't like the FM, but I'm off with this track and I can't work anymore on it.

Special Thanks: Huge thanks to whoever have participated to this track: Checkerz, No27 (especially for trying to tweak the AI), Cutino-Creations? sorry for the buddies I might have forgotten

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