Cytreen  (Jan 27, 2007)

Enhanced Physics Track Only

I figured its about time i release another track for you all to ride. Its Ben over 6 months sense my last release, and hear is my latest endeavor. Parlay is a supercross styled track built for the Enhanced Physics mod or Real Physics like some people have come to call it. If you haven't try-ed the Mod yet please do so and use them when riding this track. You can get them at The track will not ride the way i intended it to ride if you don't use the mod. For the people that will not use the mod. Please only use the pro physics setting when riding this track. There is no friction mapping.

Tool's used
MVA Editor - Disp is 100% built in editor Freehand shaped. No premade jumps where used to build the disp at all.
Multiex - This track has MXU particle system and working Funnel blocker. (the bales that move lining the start) Crowd sounds are working. They Will boo when you crash.
Textures - I have to give it up to Wingman for doing the textures and working with me on re-rendering them (a few times) for the slight disp changes i made after they where completed. (yeah that wont happen again)
MXU objects - I didn't use any re-skinned objects on this track but it still looks good.
ANTI-Cheat - I have placed invisible walls on all points of cutting the track and the one line i didn't want people to take on the triple. You'll understand why if you find that wall lol.

Lap recored - 58.02sec

Thanks to my beta testers Hightimes, wakestyle21, MX_Rider, HAB_Burger, and TnT.
Thanks to RacerX for explaining how the Funnel-blocker and Intro cam worked
Thanks to no27 for explaining the Particle system.

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