BPh_Designs (FnF_Phil_80)  (Aug 26, 2006)

Yo gals and guys, here's my first supercross creation for MXvsATV. I said 1st SX for MVA !

First of all, I would say thanks to RaceX cuz without him my objects collection shouldn't be so great.
Credit to Spode for some parts of the sx dispmap. Thks to Nikhil and JPRlisbon for the beta tests.

Well, this sx isn't really only a simple sx like you see usualy around here, this track is a lil special.
The world association football cup is finished and I had a crazy idea to build an sx into one of the great soccer stadiums, yes crazy lol.
There's a supermoto place included and also you'll ride inside the stadium's infrastructure (something like Bercy sx).
Keep in mind if you crash on the elevated part of the track, you will continue the lap under the objects, that means you'll ride on the perimeter !!! of the map.
When I started that track, I didn't kow I'll make the track longer than the original project (sx + outdoor sm).
You will ride inside the infrastructure so and if you'll crash, simply ride on the right of the infrastructure and come back inside it when you'll see a head of a snowman :-) , there's an open door, that was for the advice. By the way, you must do a big mistake for crashing there.
JP said to me to fix the splines and select the "elevated" spline option, but the spline is in fact over the perimeter... so, unusefull.
Nikhil said if I'll add a traction map on some places like for the whoops, it should be cool, but he has only the beta version and with all the new stuffs added, I think it wasn't necessary. Also it seems people don't really like friction map...

I hope you will have fun with this one, don't ride with AI riders, this track isn't made for them lol. Play it online, the more funny way to play this game.

Tools and stuffs used : Photoshop CS2, MVA editor (yes, trust me), Notepad, CRhexact (hexa editor), MXU objects + Clutch's processor, Custom objects, Active Gif Creator (not so good, check the track preview lol), my computer, a looot of beers and some war with the wife.
National project converted to SX, mud addition, crowd sound, moving cams, ...
Time needed : I've stopped to count now.
Big and fast computer owners, set the fog at 950 maxi.

Cya lata ;-)


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