2008 Navy Moto X World Championships

Dirtbikekid1990  (Jul 02, 2008)

---2008 Navy Moto X World Championships+ Dawsey’s Stock 250cc FMX Physics + Electric Death ---

Project Completion Time: 2.5 Months

Textures: Done by Wingman (They look like the real course!!!)

Beta Testers: [NtL] Pinni, Feggy, Dawsey, Wingman, Cutino, Quadrider93, FactoryBR21, Sam Brinkley, Daeko, Albertsx65 and anyone else I forgot. Thanks guys!

***** SX *****
Physics: Stock/SIM

In Game Name: DBK_MXWC 08 SX

Objects: Reskinned overunder bridge, and bales (included in file).

AI: Set them at 125% and they are competitive on STOCK Physics.

***** FMX *****
Physics: Dawsey’s Stock FMX Physics (included in file)

In Game Name: DBK_MXWC 08 FMX

Extras: ONLINE PLAYABLE (You’ll find it in the Supercross category)

Objects: Reskinned quarterpipe, and drop in ramp.

***** Dawsey’s Stock 250cc FMX Physics *****
Attributes: Slows down backflips and 360’s, stiffer fmx style suspension, traction changes, and bike power/speed adjustments.
The physics are based around the stock physics with improvements that make for a fun, MORE REALISTIC FMX EXPEIRIENCE.
Pak for 250cc included, 125cc pak will be released soon.

***** Electric Death *****
Started by: MxRyan
Smoothed by: DBK1990
Finalized by: Quadrider93
Preview gif http://img357.imageshack.us/img357/7145/electricdeathio6.gif

Thanks to Wingman for the great textures, Dawsey for the sweet physics and Quadrider93/MxRyan for help on the Electric Death!

Thanks to Albertsx65 for doing the Multiex work so that the reskinned objects would work, and repacking the track for me!

Thanks to all the people at Motocrossgamingforums for their input, tutorials, and who were waiting for this track, here ya go!

Please take the time to leave a comment, I think ive spent enough time on this track for you guys to take 2 mins and leave a decent review.

DL, Review, Have Fun!

[NtL] Racing

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