Thumper MX Park

Chopper731  (Oct 25, 2006)

Well here goes nothing...

Thumper MX Park
Gnarliest Obstacle: The offcamber on the far side of the track
Biggest Jump: 120+ ft Triple running parallel with the start straight
Trademark: The chop (hehe) with the fasst pace
Lap Times: Just over two minutes

-Disp Map-
Originally created by Otter. I went through and made adjustments along with reworking a few sections. At first glance the track seems pretty simple but there are many ways to get around this track if you look hard enough. After a few laps you should be able to build a nice rythm. There are some nice inside ruts you can rail but can sweep outside and carry alot of speed that way as well. Some of the jumps require some scrubb skizzles :) The track is choppy and was formed to be rough and worn down except for some of those sky shots that the bobcat scrapes out each moto.

I spent alot of time doing these objects and I think they came out pretty well. Thanks to bPh_Phil for the model lib v5.

BlackLodge (HaB_BlackLodge) hooked it up with this track. A big THANK YOU goes to him for taking the time to do such an incredible job. The dirt is sandy/dark soil with grass off-track.

Through the tutorials at both mvacentral and I was able to add Sunflare, dirt accumulation and take out both the THQ start and finish gates.

I tried to get the AI up to speed for you guys but as I kept on messing with them it seemed as if they were getting worse each time... sorry, maybe next time.

I am very pleased with the result of this track and think both Otter and myself did a pretty good job. This is the first track I have ever done along with Otter's first track to be released. Please leave a review, I always try to for everyone and it would be nice for that favor to be returned.

*On a side note some people may remember the editor file of an early beta version of this track being uploaded here a while ago by Otter. He got excited when I showed him some work I had done on it and jumped the gun on a release. The track has been ripped by some guys... but this is the real deal. It was named Parade Lap MX then but the name has been changed, obviously.


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