_MUD_Drifter  (Sep 25, 2006)

Here is my conversion of B2R_Stingrays,MCM2 track, "MAVERICK". I started out with Stingrays original Dmap and Tex, I enhanced and tweked for the MvA experience, laid down some objects and
VOIALA! I spent somewhere between 15-20 hrs on it plus another 4-5 hrs beta testing it with my testers.
If you didn't try his MCM2 version, which can be found at , it has a lil
bit of everything for a fast n furious racing experience! Lots of Elevation, off=camber leaps & turns, and xtra rutts. Im sure theres something here to meet most every riders likes. Careful
though, got some "blinded" turns in here to give it an edge!!Anyways... download and enjoy. Please leave me some comments lemme know you liked it or even if you didn't like it, should that be the case. I always keep comments in mind when I start a new project

Tools Used:
Paintshop Pro (Dmap),
Adobe Photoshop (Tex),
and the MvA Editor for dressing and packing it up.

* Once again at the top the list wanna thank Wingman for giving it the Multi-X twist kinda
thing. Mohalo brah!
* BPh_Designs for his model library
* Special thannks to Stingray for giving me the opportunity to see what I could do with somebody elses creation from a diffent game. LOL.. havent
even converted my own MCM trx over to MvA yet, but they are up on the drawing board.. hehe
* And... of course my beta testers like, ChefTreb, Tobz, all the guys over at OTHG, and anyone I have failed to mention THANK YOU! Their comments and suggestions really influenced how this track turned out

Peace and ....... Happy Trails

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