Hellraiser: MvA Risin Again

_MUD_Drifter  (Oct 14, 2006)

Well I certainly never thought Id see the day I would be REULing a trk of mine for ANY reason(ie.. reULing cuz the 1st UL WASNT zipped, or cuz I forgot someting in the 1st UL), but then again Ive NEVER known anyone over at TD to be so rude as to just scoot every other Track Makers hard work asidefor the sake of posting thier work on a SECONDARY server.(I'm sure there is more to this event then anyone may initially think) So Im not pressing judgement. However such extaordinay exception to normal thinking does warrant extraordinary EXCEPTIONS to rules... even my own. this is my reasoning for my resubmitting this track

Hellraiser: MvA

Tools Used: MvA Editor, Paintshop Pro 8, Adobe Photoshop 7, Terragen by Wingman ... objects coutesy of BPh_Designs' Model.lib 4.0 (thanks Phil)

BETA Testers:
ChefTreb, Screwy Lewy, and all the other guys over at OTHG, Rev_Rip_MrT, Wingman, Tobz ... (sorry if I forgot anyone)

Well this is a conversion of a Motocross Madness 2 track I made with the same name and was the 1st round of my 3 round high desert series. A number of riders have said it was the best track I made for MCM2..... but I believe I made it even better for MX vs ATV. I had a few of the test riders Ive known since MCM2 told me they didnt recognize it LOLalot ..couple of which were even beta tester for the mcm2 version), but it is the same dmap, just IMPROVED! The MCM2 track was a WFO hot lapper with Lap Times ranging from mid 0:50s to just over a minute. This version is even more of a hot lapper with LTs ranging from 0:47 to the mid 0:50s.. to just above a minute. The difference is this MvA track is NOT WFO as the hot lap times are due to finding and executing a better line, and there are MANY to choose from. The new tex are far better then the mcm2 track, thanks to the Terragen base tex Wingy made that I edited and rinsed in Photoshop7.The spline is generous and opportunistic but the track can be unforgiven, sort of balancing the scale a bit. Most of all, I have to thank the beta testers for thier input and time spent DLig the numerous beta versions, that helped make this a better track!

Now I dont want to take all the fun outta learning, so I'll just give ya 1 strategic tip here ***you can clear the pit before the finish line by taking the last turn wide

Hope you enjoy and please leave any comments you may have.

till next time.... Ride Hard and Happy Trails

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