Driller Killer

PowerPlant  (Mar 19, 2006)

This is a remake of an mcm2 track I made some years ago, and it was a great way to learn the editor in MVA. Grid size 10, hightmap 30 made it pretty similar as it was in mcm2, but three days of tweaking was still a must.

No ecosystem 'cause the trees are aweful imo, and the perimeter dispmap is kinda crappy too. But the track is a sweet ride, lots of lines and different ways to clear jumps makes this baby a fun multiplayer track.

Laptimes in the 2:35's for me, but I know you maniacs will tear this apart. If you guys like this track and my style of nationals, I have a couple more dispmaps that I will remake for MVA.

Yes, the tabletop in the valley is way to steep to get a natural feel to it, but I had too much fun pulling double backflips there so I left it as is. Enjoy the ride, comments (good or bad) are welcome.

Oh, before i forget.... I need to get in touch with (VMX_) Eldiablo (Paul Valenti i think) I know you have the dispmap from my old track Big Fawkin Guns, and I really really would love to get it and do a remake for MVA. If you read this Paul, get in touch with me. If anyone else know how to reach Paul, please let me know. Have fun riding this baby, and remember, IT'S ONLY A GAME kidz!

Peace y'all..
(A.K.A. BFG_Antz back in da mcm2 days)

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