Mx333  (Feb 01, 2005)

well i have spent a lot of time on this.... but i would like to make this as short as possible as it is late at night and i am tired. anyways.....this track is meant for a real challenge to 250 and 400cc bikes....some sections are easier on the 500s and 600s. my fastest lap on a 600 was a 58. umm thanks to all the comments on my last track. this helped in my building of this track. i made my sections fairly easy for u guys this time....the triples are a little bit too easy but its all good.
The file size of this is 3.5mb so its not too big and yes its a zip file for you non-WINRAR clients.

Programs used to make track:
-Photoshop 7.0
-Dillotoo(more on that later)

I did the dispmap and the texs with POV-ray and photoshop....i think they came out way better than my ones for phoenix.

-Thanks to:

-LAURIE and FIXER and td crew!!! they hepled me out with getting my object fiasco and track picture dilema worked out in dillotoo....

-VET_spodeboy for stadium and bales and whatnot
-VMX_Myth for bales and what not
-ratax for wanting to test the track and allen for offering to do the texs
-anyone else i hope i didnt forget

I think that's it and everything works still! Yes i know you cant believe it but it does and i think this track is pretty din dang fun! SO download and enjoy.
leave comments so i can improve with SAN FRAN.......

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