BPh_Designs (FnF_Phil_80)  (Sep 21, 2005)

Well, here is something special...
You don't need the TD RES files for this track.

This track is also made for the new players from our community.
I had the idea to put some tips in a track and here is the work.
Sure, the zip is big but it's a "must have". This is the first time I do something like that and I will do others like that.
The PRO doens't need to read the info around the track and they will have some fun to ride it.
The textures are good (with the old system) and a fast lap will be around 1.20 (try it offline with some CPU riders, check the lines and also at the bridge).

I really want to keep this game alive and I say WELCOME to all the beginners.
They are sometimes lost in our community, a ton of websites, a ton of tutorials, ... when they find them.
You will understand when you will ride this track. Pictures are better than words lol.

Twisted Dirt did a great job with their stuffs like Dillo2, MXUres files, ... me, like a ton of the community members, want to keep this game alive and I say thanks to all the active players/riders and also to some track creators like XPR_Tech, OTHG_Chris, KXmoto, Jeff Hamblin, Mikemach, Spodeboy, Suesman, Gizmoo, Ghetto101, DDub, FourtwentyAdd, STC007, Chains, Enduroger, Mecalac, ElDiablo, GreenRider, SpeedRacer, ... ... ... Thanks to all the MCM2 teams like XPR, XFR, ATA, TTM, VMX, OTHG, GVS, HAB, SX5FE, B2R, XF, ATR, OCR, PRO, EID, RXR, GHETTO, NJDBR, WWW, ... ... ... to keep this game alive ! This game can't exist without the contribution of the TD guys, the TTM recorder, Mauicool... and thanks to MCMfactory, MDXracing, Mauicool, Extreme, ... ... ... for hosting our tracks, skins and utilities. I remember some missed friends from the community, rip my friends. Well, see you at the Zone (MSN or Startgate) and turn the gaz on.

Last thing, help us to add MCM2 into Xfire. Check the forum (general) and follow the discussion. Thanks in advance.


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