STC International Qualifier-The American Challenge

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RFJ_STC007  (Feb 21, 2004)

Ok after 2 months of hacking over this thing I think it’s about as good as I want it to be. This is my first creation as a member of Creation Team Digital Erosion and it’s come a mile from where I started it at. It doesn’t look like anything even close to the first beta I made of it. It is on both the peremeter and track tiles so unfortunatley the rest of the peremter is kinda funky. This track really took a turn for the better I think about middle way into it. The AMA style theme kinda stands out a little and gives the whole track a real nice feeling of being there on a real track. Just a note to those that didn’t know, I had to cut aprox. 155 objects and numerous trees to get the fps to where it is now. On my system running at a screen size of 1280x1024 with graphics at 10 I’m getting around 70-90 fps. If I turn my settings down to 7 I can hit 120-150 fps. So I think it should be ok for the majority of sytems out there. Paul really helped out a ton on advice and making some of the objects I have used. A few DE banners the tire poles and the bridge are some objects that I think are brand new. The bridge he made for me by request and it is perfect. I also used a ton of his older objects like the banner strings and backboard just reskined a bit to help theme them into the track. "Big Thanks to Paul aka Eldiablo" The track is a tester like most of mine are. A little wide open with alittle tech and a tad of squeeze your butt cheeks tight to stay on the track. Which all combined makes for a pretty fun ride. It is designed with the bigger bore bikes in mind to get a real good time. The smaller 250’s and 400’s might be able to keep up it just depends on who is on them. I can’t make some of the jumps the fast way unless I am on a 500 or 600 which is what I ride most of the time anyway. Top laps I have seen so far are in the 1:50-1:48 range with most of the average laps somewhere around 2:00. Just have fun.

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