STC -AMA- Redbud Outdoor National Qualifier

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RFJ_STC007  (Oct 28, 2004)

Track idea and creation: RFJ_STC007

Track inspiration: MIKE MACH

Textures: Terragen/Photoshop7.0

Sky Cube: Terragen

Objects: Most are by Twisted Dirt some are from Speedracer and a few I believe are by Extreme. Thanks for your hard work and effort into these objects and fro allowing us to use them freely at no charge.

MIKE MACH created the original track displacement maps for the original tracks, which are:
REDBUD SE 2K4 ( and Outdoor National Qualifier (

First of all I want everyone to hear me say loud and clear “This is not a replica!”

Now hopefully I have taken care of those questions and we can move on. This is a idea that I had a longtime ago but was unsure of doing it due to the length of the laps that it would produce. Then after talking with Mike I said what the heck and did it anyway. I posted a “vibe post” in the forum to find out what the general reaction would be about a track with a longer than normal lap time and the overall response was very positive. So that gave me even more inspiration to continue with track concept. What I wanted to do by producing a track like this was to get away from the blitz of the “60 second wonders” we have all been accustomed to over the years. The thought was to create something with enough speed and interest around every corner that even though the laps were long it wouldn’t be boring. So what better to make a track interesting then to take 2 great tracks and combine them as one track using both the track tile and perimeter tiles. That’s not all I did however, I tweaked every single inch of them to give it my (STC) spin if you will. Total sections disappeared and new sections took their place. I actually had 11 different near finished beta versions from all of the tweaks and mod I had made. I think I did 7 different texture versions trying to find just the right blend. The point is I didn’t just copy two maps leave them the way they were and then called it mine. I worked on this sucker as hard as any other creation I have ever done. Now if you have been around a while then you’ll find great joy in riding on sections that will feel slightly familiar to you but have a refreshed feeling to them at the same time. Then you’ll go exploring sections that are brand new and still hiding they’re secret to a fast lap. For you old guys…this track was made for you! Now as far as any newbie’s are concerned, well, you may not like it at all just because of the lap times and that’s ok I created this thing knowing good and well only a few MCM2er’s would truly appreciate it for what it is.

Anyway I just made this track really for myself…cause I like a longer lap time. I’m just uploading this thing to be nice and share with you something I like. Hope you guys enjoy it as much riding it as I did creating it.
Oh, and just so you know the fastest lap I have seen to date is 3:27 on a 250cc by none other then VRT_ALBA…you rock dude!

Enjoy it!

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