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VMX_PanicRev  (Aug 27, 2004)

This track actually got it's name before it was even started. I decided to do a Japanese theme track and started building the map. Then VMX_O_R came along and offered to do some textures, I couldn't pass up some O_R textures but he did us one better. Yup, he's at it again. The same guy that woke us up to the possibilites of Terragen is teasing us with a 3d program called LightWave. Robin tells us that majority of the work was actually done by layering image maps. What he produced are arguably some of the best textures since Underhill (and those textures kicked serious A$$). We wanted a damp and rocky look for the soil and he nailed it .This is the first time I did project with O_R and he did a great job of working me in around his busy schedule and putting up with my general spazziness.
I did get somewhat of a suprise hen I went looking for Japanese motocross pictures to style my objects...Their tracks look exactly like our tracks, LOL. Same banners, bales and advertisments all around. I tried to skin most of the bales and signs with Japanese companies and VMX_Myth was good enough to build that awesome pagoda start finsih line to really set it off. Actually it turned out to be more than a start/finsih gate. It kind of the centerpiece that brings it all togather. Nice work Myth.
As for the track its' my usual style, really fast with a few nasty spots thrown in. I like riding the 125 or the 250 on it best....anything bigger sort of overpowers the track. My guess is that the fast guys will be running around 1:20. My best is a 1:24 on a 250.
Special thanks to Twisted Dirt and Maui Cool for all they do for the community and to VMX_BMXRules, VMX_Myth, XPR_Green and Eldiablo for assorted objects. If I missed anyone I'm sorry, most of my stuff has been reskinned so many times it's hard to keep track.
Sorry about the "book". Reviews are welcome, Enjoy the ride.
Peace, VMX_PanicRev

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