Private Property SX

(oltron  (Apr 07, 2007)

-------> 6th Track to date. Inside/Out SX track. Factory or Privateer Private Property SX Track ? Another J.M.I. (jeremy mcgrath invitational) Theme Track. You know the replica is coming! Couldn't place to many off track objects because it lagged MY computer out big time when in stadium... So deal with it lol. I have a low end comp soo... My sufferings are urs too i guess. 2 BIG Triples that I vibe alot. Totally vibin them, they are pimp in my eyes. ~ ALRIGHT, the outdoor ramp section: First ramp is a small set up gap. Second is a little bigger, Third the biggest, 4th roughly the same size as the first ramp gap.~ Don't knock my hussle because that section is to gnarly. You now know the secret... That is deffinately the hardest part of the track, but once u dial it in, you'll see its the best part of the track to focus on clicking off laps, and just riding. Tried tweaking the "S Berm" texs, but i think im just going to scrap the whole "S Berm" idea after this... Worked on the track textures for a long time. Switching different tex combos, TWEAKING the nodes to death, but i feel this set up at the end gets her done.


~ 48's have been clikd off. Even a ultra low 45.22 ~

- " I bet only a few will dabble in the 40's, as it is too tech for the average dude to keep a consistent charge "
- Annoymous Transworld Beta Tester
- March.18/2007


OBJECTS: MX45||MetalMiracle||Sebby||FnF_Phil_80||ElDiablo


SKY: MDx_chris774 as always, thx brotha for ur sky packs


PROGRAMS: Armadillo | APM | PS 7.0 | Terragen

WARNING: Not for average riders. Jedi like skills are required. Sections too gnarly apparently sum claim.

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