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ElDiablo (Paul)  (Sep 18, 2004)

*Older Track from me*

This one is not available anywhere that I can tell and a lot of people have been telling me lately how much they loved this one. So I'm uploading it so the rest of you can check it out.

Here's something that not a lot of people have discovered... I put little 'easter eggs' in all of my tracks. Not too many people have found them but this particular track has a BIG easter egg in it! So now I'll spill the beans and tell you how to find it and just how close (those of you who've already raced it) you have come to it.

Put the game in practice mode and take off straight from the funnel and go between the banners and you'll see a big hill. If you look around you will also find that this actually a CAVE! (or tunnel if you prefer).

Those of you who make tracks and read this...I NEVER received any complaints about lag on this track due to objects (though some people complained about the bird sounds being kinda nagging! lol). The mountain was made by chopping the top of a hill off of a render in 3D Max and making a tunnel through it. The poly count on this custom object is something like 2500+ and nobody has ever complained...and you can now see just how close it is to the track.

Anyway...this is designed to be just like any real local motocross track (at least around here). Has a realistic ride and some challenging sections...not always WFO, and not always takes both to succeed here.

The best lap I've heard of is 1:15 by Pro_Hurricane. But you'll have to put in the laps to get even CLOSE to that one! Good luck and enjoy this oldie-but-goodie!


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