Lucky Strike

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BigTwista  (Dec 31, 2003)

I’ll dedicate this track to all the folks who helped me create it! IHF_YamahaCS, othg_chris774, DBR_Burn, HaB_XxMxRaxerxX, TNT_AIRaquarian, B2R_StingRay, VMX_Eldiablo. As I type this, my MCM2 drive is sitting out of the case, still smokin’ as the case may be. When I attempted to add the wonderful track pic from B2R and skycube from AIR the drive developed a delay write packet error. So nothing else can be written to the drive. When I tried to open APM to go into ARM for the last edit the .prj was invalid. For the second time on this project I was looking at a complete rebuild of the entire track. I’ve set enough fence to hold me for a while. What a Bummer! LMAO Now, that said, I had this safety copy from 11-04-03 / 11:33 PM tucked away just in case, that we’ve been running late nights shaving lap times. I’m gonna go ahead with the release and you will notice the stock sky cube Terra05.cub which fits nicely and really doesn’t hurt the look at all. B2R and AIR outdid themselves with a great edit of my 960 custom texture I had working. It was typical BigTwista until these boys worked it over. I’m thrilled with the results. The trackpic you see above was created by Stingray and didn’t make it into the LUCKY.env file but, poetic justice being what it is the one I made will so every time I turn this track on, I’ll be reminded of these good folks who pulled me thru. HaB_XxMxRacerxX you’ve made such a difference in the way I approach MCM2, you always seem to know where to go when there’s something I need. Thanks for the introduction and I’m in constant awe of my newfound friend AIRaquarian. We were definitely “Off to see the Wizard” His tracks are the coolest! AIR, thanks for heading me in the right direction. Those little tiny tweaks of the displacement map make all the difference. StingRay, Chris774 & Eldiablo, “Lowrider” is a favorite song of mine and the first #1 R&B single by “WAR” in August of 1975. Charles Miller is doing the vocals here and the inspiration for the song was his ’48 Chevy, lowered and sporting ‘50s style scavenger pipes that he used to drive to the WAR sessions. The slide guitar work as well as the extra percussion, drum kit and bass guitar, is me on my old 71 Les Paul thru Leroy’s Fender Bassman RI “Old Number 1”. Try to finish a 5 lap heat before the song ends. RacerxX will be waitin’ for ya on HaB Hill! Climb aboard as Charlie would say and “Take a little trip, Take a little trip, Take a little trip with Me!”

RAFN and don’t look back! Hank aka BigTwista

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