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VMX_krazyman821  (Oct 22, 2005)

Here is my latest track.This track has been on my hard drive since August 2003 and I have done so many changes to the map since then.I feel it is finally done for good and ready for upload.About the track: I didnt really have a theme here,but it has evolved into a woodsy,hilly type setting.As usual with my tracks,I was going for a somewhat realistic "local" type ride.I threw in some fantasy leaps here and there as well.No real rough terrain as it is just not my style,it's basically wfo,but there are some sections that are intended to slow you up and cross you up.A few sections you need to have your speed steady to clear the next section(as in the uphill triple you will encounter).No real lines here to choose from,though there are a few sections you can either go full speed to clear or tap the rear brake in the air and see what happens(hint:downhill triple/double).Anyway,you will learn where to finesse it and when to pin it,it's not mostly about speed on this one,preload and dragging the brake off some jump faces will be your friend in some cases.All in all,I was going for more of a fun factor,I think most of you will enjoy this one alot.Stop by the pit area and have a look around.
Textures were done with Terragen and Photoshop.Special thanks to Paul(El Diablo)for pushing me in the right direction for my dirt colors,I used your RGB's and added some of my own to get the final look.Thanks to Mike(MX45)for the rut help,but I ended up using my own ruts due to too many texture renders after your first attempt.Thanks to Adam(VMX-Burn)for beta testing this back in early 03 when it was called AIRLIFT,lol.I did not use many objects,just bales here and there.
I attempted Dillo 2,but the MXU trees caused too much lag,then I locked myself out of the it's stock trees on this one.Last,thanks to Denny(Ghetto 101)for the sky cube.
I used a 400 on it,lap times in the 2:30 area.It is fun on a 125 and 250 though a 125 wont clear the bigger hits easily.Dont go above a 400,it takes the fun away.Please leave comments as it helps me on future projects.Look for more from me in the future.Keep this game alive!

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