Jasper Park

(oltron  (Mar 06, 2007)

-----> Alright, shut your face & start reading. <-----

Studied alot of tracks. I mean ALOT of SX tracks. Looking at every one's versions of rhythem sections, triples, doubles and what not.
So this is MY stamp on the SX world. 4th track to date, expect many more. Track is made for a 250, but im sure all bikes work well. A couple
Whip Hits (hopefully my trademark) tossed in there. This track is intended to be rode realisticlly, rather than landing to flat on every jump aiming for that "Hot Lap"... Take ur time and try to Clean the whole track. Clean as in, land on all the down-slopes, right in the sweet spot. The scale of jumps i feel is spot on. Purposely placed that many tuff blocks... Not a fan of them on MY tracks, but im letting get a track from my vault so deal with it. The LONG rhythem section with the off set rhythem is my favorite part of this track. Whats Yours?


Textures: -----> MetalMiracle's... <-----


Sky: -----> OTHG_Chris774's... <-----


Objects: MetalMiracle|Allen|ElDiablo|Sebby|ARD|KXmoto45|fnf_phil_80|fmxer_bambi| any one else I forgot.


Programs: ---> Armadillo|APM|Photoshop 7.0 <-----


SPECIAL Thank You: --> To MY Mrs. She put up with me being on the computer ALOT!


************* DON'T JUST SCAVENGE THE TRACK. RIDE IT, THEN COMMENT !!! ***************

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