stewarts 04 vegas gear

tff_thormx  (May 03, 2004)

well here u go everybody here it is bubba's gear that he wore at Vegas this year .its been a while since i released a skin and i have seen allot on here that, IM pretty sure everyone can agree with me on. that there's just no time put into them anymore. well as u all know from my past skins that's not me! i took almost all day and all night to make this thing since, IM kinda sick i couldn't do anything else. and let me tell u it was not as easy as i thought it would be. but i guess nothing ever is if u want to get it just write. but i spent allot of time on this skin and when i was done my eyes were blood shot red from staring at the comp so long. well now on to the who made what, i didn't make the boots there MMS_bonalls thank u for them bro. there sick. as for everything else helmet gloves gear its self i made the hole set from scratch now, like i have said i took a lot of time on this skin for those of u none rippers to enjoy and so d/l enjoy DON'T RIPP IT!!!! and if someone does by all means everybody who supports my work, attack with no mercy REALLY!.i mean i hate those dam rippers, and if u want to keep seeing my skins like this u will learn not to ripp. or u wont get this stuff anymore.remember i can still make sick skins but not necessarily upload them just hook my teamates up with them, or who ever i want. that's all that needs to be said hope u guys enjoy it.
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