Skin Pak V4

42 Creations (Nikhil)  (Sep 21, 2006)

Well, it's taken me 4 weeks, but Skin Pak V4 is finally ready. The reason it took so long was trying to get the yamahas in the pak, which took a ton of trial and error stuff. Major thanks to skyy and ghost for helping me with the model replacement, and major thanks to chyld for helping me get the 500 skins in. Oh, and there's some never before seen skins too courtesy of ghost.

Ok, there's 2 files this time, $common.pak and $common2.pak. Both go in the data folder of your MVA directory.

And here is the holy replacement list:

THQ Helmet 1- One Kombat Monster Energy Helmet (by ib80)
THQ Helmet 2- Thor SVR3 Pro Circuit Helmet (by ib80)
THQ Helmet 3- David Bailey Helmet Replica (by sx125racer)
THQ Helmet 4- 2006 Flight Helmet Yellow (by MXer809)
THQ Helmet 5- Black Arai Helmet (by Ghost 01)
THQ Helmet 6- White Arai Helmet (by Ghost 01)

THQ Goggles 1- Bradshaw Magneto Spy Goggles (by SkyyDesigns)
THQ Goggles 2- Smith Goggles 1 (by Kosmo87)
THQ Goggles 3- Smith Goggles 2 (by Kosmo87)

All No Fear Jerseys- 2007 Thor Core Gear (by yamaharacer513)
All Rainbow Jerseys- 2005 Moose Qualifier Gear (by Ghost 01)
THQ Jersey 1- 2007 Pro Circuit Kawasaki Gear (by SkyyDesigns)
THQ Jersey 2- Thor Dukes of Hazard Gear (by YZ125mxer8)
THQ Jersey 3- Travis Pastrana X-Games Gear (by Squeek452)
THQ Jersey 4- Blue and White Thor Gear (by YZ125mxer8)
THQ Jersey 5- Travis Pastrana Gear (by Kosmo87)
THQ Jersey 6- Thor Throwback Gear

All Alpinestar Tech 10 Boots- Alpinestar Tech 10 boots (by ib80)
All Rainbow, Sidi, and THQ boots- Alpinstar Tech 10 boots (by ib80) with Sicker Kit (by Socal_651)
all combinations included except red+red.

Bikes (125/250F):
THQ KX125 2 stroke- Yamaha YZ125 (by Suzuki98)
CRF 250 Moto XXX 4 stroke- Pro Circuit Kawasaki 250F (by Gala converted to MVA by Alex 914)
CRF 250 FC Amsoil 4 stroke- Gold Vegas CRF Factory Connection (by Moto-X_Pat)
RM 125 N-Style 2 stroke- 2006 RM 125 (by Socal_651)
RMZ 250 N-Style 4 stroke-
CRF 250F One Industries 2 stroke- 250F Factory Honda (by Gonzo100)
RMZ 250F Rainbow Studios 1- Pro Circuit Kawasaki KXF250 (by Skyy Designs)
CRF 250F Team ECC- Motorsport Honda (by Ghost 01)

Bikes (250/450F):
THQ CR 250 2 stroke- Yamaha YZ250 (by Suzuki98)
THQ CR 450 4 stroke- Black Monster Energy CR (by Gonzo100)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 1- RMZ 450 Makita Suzuki Replica (by FMX)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 2- Yamaha of Troy YZF450 (by Kosmo87)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 3- 2006 Monster Energy KXF450 (by Ghost01)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 4- Chad Reed YZ450 Replica (by Kosmo87)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 5- KX450 Christophe Pourcel Replica (by Kosmo87)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 6- Pro Circuit Kawasaki KXF450 (by SkyyDesigns)
RM 250 N-Style 2 stroke- 2006 RM250 (by Socal_651)
RMZ 450 N-Style 4 stroke- 2006 Ricky Carmichael MXDN Makita Suzuki (by Kosmo87)
CR 250 Team ECC 2 stroke- Hot Wheels Yamaha (by SkyyDesigns)
CRF 450 Team ECC 4 stroke- Factory Honda (by the_Gala)
KX 450 Pro Circuit 4 stroke- 2007 Kawasaki (by the_Gala)
KX 450F 4 stroke- Stewart Las Vegas Replica (by Ghost 01)
KX 250 N-Style 2 stroke- Hurricane YZ250 (by Ghost 01)
KX 450 N-Style 4 stroke- Tyler Evans Replica (by sx125racer)
CRF 450 One Industries 4 stroke- Motorsport Honda (by Ghost 01)
CR 250 Moto XXX 2 stroke- Fox Racing 250 2 stroke (by Socal_651)
CRF 450 Moto XXX 4 stroke- David Bailey Replica (by sx125racer)
CR 250 FC Amsoil 2 stroke- Fox FMX 250 2 stroke (by Socal_651)
CRF 450 FC Amsoil 4 stroke- Brian Deegan Replica (by Kosmo87)
250 SX THQ 1- Gray KTM (by Suzuki98)
250 SX THQ 2- KTM Stars Graphics (by yFMX)
250 SX THQ 3- 2007 KTM Replica (by Kosmo87)

Bikes (500F):

XGX YZ500 Yamaha- Chad Reed YZ450 Replica (by Kosmo87)
XGX KTM 500- Ghetto KTM (Ghost 01)

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