MVA Skin Pak V6

42 Creations (Nikhil)  (Nov 12, 2006)

Alright, here's the V6 pak. There's a ton of new rider skins, and I freed up the stock no fear gear. Not too many new bikes, but I was digging through the old skins and found a sand rail and a monster truck, so look for those in the pak.

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Replacement List:

THQ Helmet 1- One Kombat Monster Energy Helmet (by ib80)
THQ Helmet 2- Thor SVR3 Pro Circuit Helmet (by ib80)
THQ Helmet 3- One Industries Kombat Blue Helmet (by z400jt)
THQ Helmet 4- 2006 Flight Helmet Yellow (by MXer809)
THQ Helmet 5- Black Arai Helmet (by Ghost 01)
THQ Helmet 6- White Arai Helmet (by Ghost 01)
Rainbow Studios 1- One Industries Red Helmet (by _347racing_)
Rainbow Studios 2- Marc De Reuver Helmet (by vdpannemx)
Rainbow Studios 3- Thor Force Red Helmet (by KX12)
Rainbow Studios 4- Bailey JT Helmet (by motoman562)
Rainbow Studios 5- Thor Force Orange Helmet (by KX12)

THQ Goggles 1- Bradshaw Magneto Spy Goggles (by SkyyDesigns)
THQ Goggles 2- Smith Goggles 1 (by Kosmo87)
THQ Goggles 3- Smith Goggles 2 (by Kosmo87)
THQ Goggles 4- Blue/White Oakley Goggles (by vdpannemx)
THQ Goggles 5- Scott Goggles (by dany45)
THQ Goggles 6- Spy Patriot Fade Goggles (by KX12)
Utopia Goggles 1- Utopia Slayer Goggles Orange/White (by mxrider227)
Utopia Goggles 2- Utopia Slayer Goggles Pink/Black (by mxrider227)
Utopia Goggles 3- Utopia Slayer Goggles Red/Black (by mxrider227)

THQ Jersey 1- Thor Dukes of Hazard Gear (by YZ125mxer8, fixed by ib80)
THQ Jersey 2- 2007 Pro Circuit Kawasaki Gear (by SkyyDesigns)
THQ Jersey 3- Travis Pastrana X-Games Gear (by Squeek452)
THQ Jersey 4- Blue and White Thor Gear (by YZ125mxer8)
THQ Jersey 5- UFO 2007 Gear (by gianluca)
THQ Jersey 6- Thor Throwback Gear (by YZ125mxer8)
O’Neal Jersey 1- 2007 No Fear Rogue Gear (by motoman562)
O’Neal Jersey 2- 2006 De Nations No Fear Gear (by motoman562)
All Answer Gear- 2007 Thor Core Gear (by yamaharacer513)
All Axo Gear- 2007 Thor Core Gear (by yamaharacer513)
All Azonic Gear- Thor Conversion Gear (by YZ125mxer8)
All Rainbow Jerseys- 2005 Moose Qualifier Gear (by Ghost 01)

All Alpinestar Tech 10 Boots- Alpinestar Tech 10 boots (by ib80)
All Rainbow, Sidi, and THQ boots- Alpinstar Tech 10 boots (by ib80) with Sicker Kit (by Socal_651)
all combinations included except red+red.

Standard Tire- High Detail Tire (by ib80)

Bikes (50):
Fast 50 01- Kawasaki KX 50 Replica (by vdpannemx)
Fast 50 02- CR50 Two Bros. Racing (by mxrider227)
Sano 1- Monster Energy CR50 (by Z400JT)

Bikes (125/250F):
THQ KX 250 4 stroke- KX250 Christophe Pourcel Replica (by Kosmo87)
KX 250F N-Style 4 stroke- Villopoto KX250F Replica (by Kosmo87)
CR 125 One Industries 2 stroke- 2006 CR 125 Factory Honda (by Socal_651)
CRF 250F One Industries 4 stroke- 250F Factory Honda (by Gonzo100)
CRF 250 Moto XXX 4 stroke- Pro Circuit Kawasaki 250F (by Gala converted to MVA by Alex 914)
CRF 250 FC Amsoil 4 stroke- 2007 Factory Honda (by motoron)
RMZ 250F Rainbow Studios 1- Pro Circuit Kawasaki KXF250 (by Skyy Designs)
RM 125 N-Style 2 stroke- 2006 RM 125 (by Socal_651)
CRF 250F Team ECC 4 stroke- Motorsport Honda (by Ghost 01)
KX 250F Pro Circuit 2 stroke- Villopoto 2006 MXDN Replica (by Lilbob 862 and Ghost 01)

Bikes (250/450F):
THQ CR 250 2 stroke- Yamaha YZ250 (by Suzuki98)
THQ CR 450 4 stroke- Black Monster Energy CR (by Gonzo100)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 1- RMZ 450 Makita Suzuki Replica (by FMX)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 2- Yamaha of Troy YZF450 (by Kosmo87)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 3- 2006 Monster Energy KXF450 (by Ghost01)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 4- Chad Reed YZ450 Replica (by Kosmo87)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 5- KX450 Christophe Pourcel Replica (by Kosmo87)
RMZ 450F Rainbow Studios 6- Pro Circuit Kawasaki KXF450 (by SkyyDesigns)
RM 250 N-Style 2 stroke- 2006 RM250 (by Socal_651)
RMZ 450 N-Style 4 stroke- 2006 Ricky Carmichael MXDN Makita Suzuki (by Kosmo87)
CR 250 Team ECC 2 stroke- Hot Wheels Yamaha (by SkyyDesigns)
CRF 450 Team ECC 4 stroke- Factory Honda (by the_Gala)
KX 450 Pro Circuit 4 stroke- 2007 Kawasaki (by the_Gala)
KX 250 2 stroke- Travis Pastrana X-Games Replica (by Kosmo87)
KX 450F 4 stroke- Stewart Las Vegas Replica (by Ghost 01)
KX 250 N-Style 2 stroke- Hurricane YZ250 (by Ghost 01)
KX 450 N-Style 4 stroke- Ivan Tedesco MXDN Replica (by Kosmo87)
CR 250 One Industries 2 stroke- CR250 DVS Graphics (by Kosmo87)
CRF 450 One Industries 4 stroke- CRF450 One Industries Black Graphics (by Kosmo87)
CR 250 Moto XXX 2 stroke- CR250 Sikspak Graphics (by sx125racer)
CRF 450 Moto XXX 4 stroke- CRF450 One Industries White Graphics (by Kosmo87)
CR 250 FC Amsoil 2 stroke- CR250 EVO 3 Graphics (by MXRacer141)
CRF 450 FC Amsoil 4 stroke- Brian Deegan MX Replica (by Kosmo87)
250 SX THQ 1- Gray KTM (by Suzuki98)
250 SX THQ 2- KTM Stars Graphics (by yFMX)
250 SX THQ 3- 2007 KTM Replica (by Kosmo87)
250 SX THQ 4- One Industries Technoflex KTM (by sx125racer)

Monster Trucks:
Monster Truck 1 Lil’ Brat- Pastrana Monster Truck (by coady)

Sand Rails:
Rainbow Studios 1- Flamed Sand Rail (by SkyyDesigns)

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