2005 Supercross Object Collection

na  (Mar 18, 2005)

Hey everyone!

I recently released a replica of the 2005 St. Louis Supercross track and had to make a LOT of new objects for it. After a lot of people asking me to upload them I have decided to do so, so here you go!

There are 75 objects in all. Here's a run-down of all the stuff included-

Butterfinger Crisp Holeshot Markers, Flagger Flags (which due to my forgetting about them did NOT make it into my track), New corner bales (3 pieces- 2 angled bales that go regular to double height and 1 double tall bale) in all the brand names (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and KTM), Short (normal) and Long (double length) bales (I did these cause I wanted a size just right for my track) in all sponsors names including the new PJ1 bales with the logo that laps over the side and meets on top and the new Thor Head (yellow and black) bales, Supercross Logo Pit Barriers in all brand names, Triangle Bales (Myth already made some...but I thought I was gonna link them so I remade some of my own), and Supercross Logo Barrier Signs (the ones with the sign draped over them).

All objects except the angled bales use the same 512 x 512 pixel skin. This is how I believe that I was able to get away with placing 570 objects without linking any in 3D Max and NOT causing HUGE lag. I haven't tried using APM and Dillo to place these. I believe that you will HAVE TO USE DILLO TOO because of the 512 object skin, but I could be wrong.

Anyhow...here they are, as requested. Enjoy!

ElDiablo (Paul)


***This is the actual RIGHT version...sorry for the mix up!***

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